•  24k Pure Gold Treatment

24k Pure Gold Whitening Treatment has a unique formula of high efficacy,can penetrate the skin tissue within reach cleared melanin.


•  APX 8°Customized Program Treatment

APX 8°Customized Program Treatment successfully achieved marked dinical improvements for nodular cystic acne,black needs,uneven skin tone and enlarge pores.


•  Minilab Treatment

Minilab Treatment is deployed with skin treatment,depending on your skin deploy your own essence.


•  Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment can remove spots,scras,rouli,youpao and sarcoma.


•  Face – Lift Treatment

Face – Lift Treatment can eliminate face fat to achieve V face effect.


•  Cell Activation Treatment

Cell Activation Treatment can quickly promote cell metabolism,cell repair, energy required to accelerate the activation of basal cells,enchance and improve the damaged cells and tissues,while also allowing blemishes disappear.


•  World First Osmolite Diffusion Therapy

World First Osmolite Diffusion Therapy can effectively remove the blocked pores and thick skin and effectively remove pigmentation,dull skin and repair and clear the scars.


•  Eye Care

The main effect is to strengthen eye care eye and provide nutrients to the cells around the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes,promote circulation of the lymphatic system,strengthen the metabolism of the eye can eliminate eye bags and dark circle swelling.