An innovative transparent facial mask sheet formulated with bio-active ingredients including pure natural extracts and collagen. The one-wap absorption and hydration rate of this mask is more than 98% which meant that the amount of nutrients and moisture can penetrate deep into the skin and produce good result in just 10 to 20 minutes.

This mask hydrates, softens and detoxify the skin, enhance blood circulation, minimize skin pores., fine lines and wrinkles; improves skin color tone and texture to optimize skin revival result. Users report that visible lifting at the facial skin and overall radiant complexion is achieved due to the beast of vitamins, replication of the biological collagen and elestin. Good enhancement to better cosmetic makeup with its high quality collagen base and has great soothing effect to skin after moderate sun-burn lessers and dermobrasion treatments. 

B3 Laboratory was devloped by European Switzerland and American experts to counter the skin problems of Asian the natural ingredients used in the products are able to effectively provide an obvious cell skin repair effect. Recommended and highly regarded by skincare experts around the world.

Due to advance developments in electron microscope technology, scientists are now able to discern minute details of the cell structure. Through a series of thorough investigations,  Nardia Laboratory Centre is now able to unravel the mystery of new cell regeneration and the harm of free radicals. This has helped us to better understand the needs of the skin and develop products with more confidence.

B3 Laboratory have elegant and comfortable environment ,to bring you a happy mood to give up more .